Regain Your Balance with Adult FATWHEELS

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If you are a senior, you may be helping your grand kids learn how to ride a bike. You watch as they make the transition from training wheels to riding independently. Their journey is not without wobbling, falling, and scraped knees. You help them up with encouraging words, a kiss, and a Band-Aid. Eventually, you witness the pure joy on their face as they finally manage to pedal without training wheels!

Laughing to yourself, you think, ‘I wish they made training wheels for my age group!’ You stopped cycling years ago when you noticed that your balance isn’t what it used to be.  And you’re not alone.

In fact, a recent study shows that balance begins to decrease in a person’s middle years, and continues to decline as a person ages, according to USA Today.  A loss of balance contributes to millions of people aged 65 and older falling each year, many of them sustaining serious head or bone injuries, according to the CDC. Scientists point out that once unsteadiness or a fall occurs, many seniors begin to fear falling so much that they avoid any activities that could lead to a stumble.

The solution?  Scientists recommend that seniors work on their balance before they notice serious balance issues or experience a fall.

For this reason we created Adult FATWHEELS.  They are heavy duty wheel stabilizers that can be easily installed on your bike, allowing you to cycle safely again.


With Adult FATWHEELS, you can ride alongside your grand kids instead of watching from the sidelines. Staying fit doesn’t have to mean putting yourself at risk of a fall or injury. You can spend  time outdoors with an activity that contributes to your overall fitness.

Even if you’re recovering from surgery, such as hip or knee replacement or have suffered a stroke, cycling can be a terrific low-impact cardiovascular activity to help you regain your strength.

Regardless of the reason, Adult FATWHEELS are the solution to getting back in the saddle.

Don’t wait until you experience a fall to start working on your balance and physical fitness. Adult FATWHEELS provide the perfect way to rediscover the fun of riding a bike.

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