And the Award Goes To….

1084Why is it that we all lose our minds when there is even a hint of celebrity in our midst?

“Wow! They are filming a movie downtown. Let’s go and see if we can get an autograph!”


 “My cousin’s friend’s girlfriend’s Mom once met John Travolta at an airport when they were on their way to Orlando…..”

Admit it.  You do it too.  There is something about famous people and the lure of celebrity that brings out the superfan in all of us. 

And that’s why I couldn’t wait to call my husband this morning. When he picked up, I excitedly said to him, “Guess who just called?” Then I paused, for dramatic effect, and proudly announced that a property master from Brooklyn had called and ordered two sets of FATWHEELS for a TV show – a TV show!

Name Dropping

The series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is set in mid-century New York. The customer explained that he would be using the Adult FATWHEELS in an upcoming episode which features two actors riding 1950s style bicycles. He felt that FATWHEELS would allow the actors to be safe and ensure a smooth ride for filming.  He doubts you will see our equipment once the shots are edited but still…

I admit I hadn’t heard of the show before this morning.  I even embarrassed myself by asking the customer if it was a children’s program.  The title had me picturing puppets and silly songs – think Fraggle Rock or The Muppets.  However, after googling it, I learned that the series is an Amazon Prime original comedy created by Amy Sherman-Palladino  of Gilmore Girls. Furthermore, the show’s lead, Rachael Brosnahan , won the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Golden Globes this year.  How’s that for name dropping?

The Real Stars

As I closed my browser, I turned my attention to the other orders on my desk, and quickly realized that my admiration, although well-deserved, was a bit shallow.  Here in front of me were orders from therapists, doctors and school personnel who have given hours of their time and talent to enrich the lives of those with disabilities.  Amazing professionals from children’s hospitals like St. Jude’s and Shriners. Countless volunteers from organizations like Variety The Children’s Charity or AMBUCS that raise money to help purchase adaptive training wheels and other equipment  for needy children each year. Not to mention all of the ordinary Moms and Dads out there who are on call 24/7 with their children that have special needs.  Aren’t they the real stars?

I’m not discrediting all of the brilliant and hardworking people in the entertainment industry. I simply mean that there are countless unsung heroes out there working on the front lines each day who do not receive the recognition that they deserve.  Firemen, police officers, nurses, teachers, soldiers, caregivers, day care providers  and the list goes on.

These people spend a lifetime in faithful service and never walk The Red Carpet.  They don’t appear on late night talk shows or grace the cover of popular magazines and yet, they are the glue that holds our society together.

So, to all of the unknown heroes out there I salute you!  I wish I could give each one of you a special award for the work that you do. After that I’d take a selfie with you, post it on social media and, of course, brag about you to all of my friends!

Until next time,


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