My Tribe


I spoke to a customer on the phone yesterday for about 20 minutes or so.  It began as usual with questions about FATWHEELS & bikes and parts and prices.  Nothing special until I asked – “what is your daughter’s name?”  This is when the interaction turned personal.  This is when Mom told me that her “baby” has autism.

As we began to get “real” with one another, I learned that her 8- year-old was non-verbal, was full of spunk, had several meltdowns a day and still wouldn’t sleep in her own bed at night.  I also learned that Mom was TIRED.

As we chatted back & forth, I told her about my 22- year-old son and some of the struggles that we have gone through over the years.  I re-assured her that it gets better.  They grow and things change.  There is hope and you won’t always be so tired.

The bond was instant.  The exchange was conversational and yet so deeply personal in a way that only parents of children with special needs can understand.

As I hung up the phone, I silently thanked God for the opportunities that He lays before me each and every day to love on and to be loved on by other parents traveling the same road that I am.  My customers are SO much more than that.  I see them as comrades, fellow sojourners, my people – MY TRIBE.

Until next time,





  1. I received my two order Fatwheels for my autism twins. They stop riding a year because they outgrow their bike and I was not able to find something they could ride for 9 years with training wheels. The links below is for YouTube videos riding, thank you.



  2. My son has hearing loss in one ear, called single-sided deafness. Due to this, his balance is off. He could not ride bikes with his buddies after he outgrew his small bike that had training wheels. I thought we were just going to be out of luck this year…until seeing your website! My son is a new kid, with a new positive outlook since getting his fatwheels! THANK YOU so much!!!!!



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