FATWHEELS Bicycle Safety Series – Helmets

The Statistics

Every year in the United States, 600 children are killed in bicycle-related accidents.

  • 60% of those injuries occur on minor roads, usually within 1 mile of home.
  • 60% of bicycle injury deaths in children are a result of severe head injuries.
  • 85% of brain injuries could have been avoided if cyclists wore bike helmets.

Helmet Guidelines

Buy a helmet that fits your child correctly and make sure it is always worn properly.

And remember:

  • Set a good example and always wear a helmet yourself.
  • Price does not necessarily suggest safety. check for approved safety standard stickers.
  • A molded shell has the best construction.
  • The helmet should be worn securely and squarely with the front edge resting less than 1″ above the eyebrows. It should not go above the forehead. The chin strap should be tight, centered, and always fastened.
  • Make sure that no more than 3 fingers can fit between the chin & helmet strap.
  • Buy a helmet with bright colors or reflective stripes to be easily seen.
  • Never use a cracked helmet or one that has been in an accident.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you and your family are safe while cycling.

At FATWHEELS, we take bicycle safety very seriously. Our adaptive training wheel kits are used in hospitals, school settings and by riders of all ages and abilities all across North America. We use only the highest quality materials for our products and back them up with 100% confidence.

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