Play With A Purpose

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“When a child experiences play, he or she can depart from the world of struggles, tasks, therapies and treatments into the joyful experience of play and through that accomplish more than anyone ever dreamed possible.”

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New Year’s Resolutions


It’s January and we all know what that means – New Year’s Resolutions!

Most of us will set some goals around losing weight and getting fitter in 2017.  As important as this is for those of us in the general population it is even more critical for those in the disability community. Continue reading →

Muffins, Bikes and Service

St. Ann's

Ellie Gough cheers during pep rally where she was presented with a new bik

What do muffins, bicycles, and service have in common?  Well, for the St. Ann community in Nashville, they all go hand in hand.

Twice a year, the school club called  Bakers for Bikes holds a baking marathon in the cafeteria kitchen.  Students bake and package approximately 300 muffins to sell to St. Ann families. Then they donate the funds raised to an organization that modifies bicycles for special needs children. Finally, they present the bike to the child during an all-school ceremony.

We first learned about the organization when St. Ann parent and pediatric occupational therapist Tom Robertson called us to purchase a set of FATWHEELS for a recipient.  Robertson’s daughter Ella Grace first planted the seed for the service project three years ago when she approached her fourth-grade teacher with the idea.

Robertson, who has helped connect deserving families with St. Ann through his work at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said the bikes can be a great gift to children in need. In many instances, children with special needs and physical limitations are less physically active than they need to be, he said. “Having a bike can be more motivation to get outside and exercise,” he said. “It also opens up the kids a lot more for socialization opportunities.”

WE couldn’t agree more and we are SO encouraged by the efforts of these amazing students and the adults who are supporting their vision, that we are pledging to support next year’s event!

Anything is Possible


A parent recently sent me this email:

“ …I cannot thank you enough the creators of fat wheels. For the first time my 11- year-old autistic boy rode a bike. They taught him how to pedal and maneuver at school using a special needs tricycle. So moving on to his 20″ bike supported by fat wheels was easy for him. Please pass on my gratitude to your company owners. You guys are not selling wheels, you are helping parents like me see what they never thought was possible.” –    Vivek Saran Columbus, Ohio

 What a joy to receive this email!  I thought – “He gets it! He really gets it!”  FATWHEELS are not just adaptive training wheels or wheel stabilizer kits – they are magic carpets!, wings!,  – ok, maybe now I am getting a little carried away….   It is just that I get SO excited when I think about the potential locked up in so many individuals.

If someone can experience the fun &  freedom of riding a bike by simply adding a set of FATWHEELS what else is possible?

Could my child actually learn to make eye contact when speaking to others?  Do I dare to dream that these meltdowns will not be an issue for her one day?  Could it actually be possible that he will get a job or be able to live independently from me?  The sky is the limit!

My own son is now 22 years of age.  He has met & surpassed so many of the goals I have hoped & dreamed of for him.  So, “ keep on keepin’ on” – the road ahead might get a bit bumpy but you WILL get there.